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Feb 2016
Indian Gaming Magazine Cover
Indian Gaming Magazine Cover
Indian Gaming Magazine Cover
Indian Gaming Magazine Cover
Indian Gaming Magazine 3/2018

Adorn Your Space with Something Nice...

My artwork is completely hand-drafted and painted using the finest heavy body acrylic paints and French Watercolor Paper.

I never use computer generated objects, clip art or other short cuts in producing my work.
All original paintings are never computer generated objects.

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Dancing in the Moonlight
Dancing in the Moolight detail

"Dancing in the Moonlight"

We have all marveled at the antics and social strategies of crows and ravens at some point in our lives.

Here these intelligent magical creatures dance under the moon and stars.

Copyright mark is NOT on the original painting.

    I do not use computer added drawings, clip art or other non-human tools for the creation of my artworks ever.

Acrylic & Ink painting on #300 Arches watercolor paper.
Painting is framed with acid-free mat, plexiglas, and mahogany colored wooden frame.

Stop by my booth at the annual Eiteljorg Indian Market located in Indianapolis IN in late June!

Price: $3295, free shipping with the USA only.

The Forest Heals
The Forest Heals  

<--Detail of The Forest Heals


This is another very subtle painting I have recently created. Though simple, it took 4 months to complete.

This painting celebrates the positive influence nature has on the creativity of an artist. Whether it is beadwork, creating fabrics or healing of the heart mind and body, the beauty of the natural world cradles humanity in her heart.

The trees each carry a spirit within just like all living beings. The butterflies painted here are the common buckeye butterfly, so striking.

This is an acrylic painting on #300 watercolor paper.

PRICE $3495 + free shipping within the USA - enjoy


This is the most subtle painting I have created. 
Though simple, it took 4 months to complete.
  • The trees are the majestic redwoods that once dotted several areas of turtle island. Trees are intelligent living beings, they are spirit life forces (see detailed image).
  • The turtle represents the Earth itself, as the turtle is the carrier of the 13 moons and holds the weight of the world on its back. 
  •  I personally love the night sky and all its glory.  The stars reminds us of our history, that we are never alone nor lost, all we have to do is to quietly, calmly look up. 
  • Water, our most precious gift from Creator to all life.  Water is healing, alive, essential and the life blood of the earth.
  • The black insects are crickets, my delight every year.
  • The design around the painting was inspired by a historic Cree Woman's hood design.


Price: SOLD to a collector in WA state



Togther We Over Come Obstacles

This beautiful painting was commissions by Hennipin County Medical Center. The piece will greet patients and visitors on the 4th floor as they exit the elevator. The 4th floor is a Pediatric and Neurological Unit. Image: 66" x 55"
This painting is SOLD.


We Are One
We Are One

Another beauty illustrating the interconnectness of all life through the medium of water. Water is a basic human/life right for all.

Image size: 25.5” x 21” includes mat & framing.

PRICE: SOLD to a collector in Minneapolis MN

Any questions, please contact me :)


River Spirit

River Spirit

A few Detailed Images:


River Spirit
River Spirit

This wonderful piece took three months for completion. It shows the joy, gift and necessity of water, all life depends on clean, available and publicly owned/managed water.  This painting proclaims an acknowledgement of the gift of water from Creator.

Image size: 21" x 30" approx. plus mat & framing.

Image is 21" x 30", plus mat & frame.
Any questions, please contact me :)

PRICE:SOLD - to a collector in St Paul MN



Healing Detai3

Healing Detail

Healing: nanâtawihowin (Cree, curing ceremony)

Here you will find a traditional Hoop Dancer, this dance was originally used in curing ceremonials. The Snapping Turtle is endurance throughout time as it is a pre-historic animal.

The frogs, from the tadpoles to adults indicates human transformation from ignorance to wisdom.

The beaded 'flaps' along the bottom are baby wraps used in cradle boards to secure the baby. The left cradle board straps are for a girl, and the right is for a boy.

The lower center spirit figure is the essence of our Ancestors.

Image is 21" x 30", plus mat & frame.

Any questions, please contact me :)

PRICE: $2995, includes wood frame, mat & shipping

Image size: 21" x 30" approx. plus mat & framing.

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Birth of the Universe
Birth of the Universe
Birth of the Universe Birth of the Universe

I only wish I could have transmitted the entire dream to everyone. This painting began in October, 2016 and made its debut in mid December of the same year.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

PRICE: $2995, includes wood frame, mat & shipping!

Contact Us for Purchasing

Image size: 30" x 21.5" approx. plus matt & framing.

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Hole In the Sky's Daughter
Hole in the Sky's Daughter
Hole in the Sky
Hole in the Sky

Art is an amazing journey. You start a work of art, then the art itself begins to lead YOU on a journey of discovery, change and amazement. I am watching this little painting change its name, tell me another story and introduce me to new insights. Even little works can take months to birth- Enjoy

This painting's image is: 10.75" w x 15.75" h. (Framed: 14.75x19.75)
Painted on 300 lb Arches watercolor paper.
Archivally framed and matted.

Price: $795, includes framing & mat

Contact Us for Price & Purchasing

Tehteu - Little Green Frog
Little Green Frog
Little Green Frog

Tehteu - Small Green Frog  

Image Dimensions Appox: 13.5" width, 9.5"
Frame and mat is: 18" x 14" approx. 

This painting, painted in a wood block print style, illustrates the diversity and beauty of pond life.  I remember the leapord frogs as a child, my personal favorite.  Pond life is so delicate and robust at the same time. 


Contact Us for Price & Purchasing  



Bear Medicine

Bear Medicine


This painting speaks of our current global balance. We have to be fierce in uncovering the real truth, fierce in our efforts to improve our spiritual path, and fierce in protecting our children from false ideas. The glory of the true nature of .being fierce has nothing to do whatsoever with violence, prejudice, aggression, or hatred.

This painting is approximately Image size: 22 "w x 30 "h approx. plus mat & framing (27" x 35") approx.

Currently on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Art until mid 2018

PRICE: SOLD -to a collector in Minneapols MN

Gentleness - Kamwatisiwin
One who Posseses the Quality of Quietness


Contact Us for Price & Purchasing

Kamwatisiwin - One who posseses the qualities of quiettude.

An intrepretation of an early painting, Kamwatisiwin was designed to reflect a wood block type print. Here in the starry skies floats a ethereal nocturnal moth. confident rabbit relaxes with his pipe.

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Greeting Card

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Pondering Sacred Things - Manitoweyitamowin Cree WordsNew!

Sacred Things

Floral Border

<-- She is standing on
(scratched birch bark),
an important material for
both the Tribe and for trade as well.

When we buzz about in our our busy lives, it is so very important to look up and acknowledge the sacred. We will find wisdom in the stars, the flowers, the dance of the ravens and so much more

Here this woman can be found "Pondering Sacred Things" wisdom from the Star People.

PRICE: $2995, includes wood frame, mat & shipping

Contact Us forPurchasing

Image size: 30" x 21.5" approx. plus matt & framing.

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Kimowanihtâw - She Makes It Rain
She Makes It Rain
She Rain Detail
She Rain Detail
She Rain Detail

This stunning image took more than 6 months to complete. It was inspired by the incredible storms that dance over the northern prairies. The star constellation is the Lynx, bringer of storms. Female rains bring in Spring time flowers.

Sweet grass flows across the bottom, behind the beaded medallions.

The scratched birch bark design is my interpretation of the beautiful designs on Birch bark Rogans of the past.

Archival framing and matting with museum UV plexiglas.

Image size is approximately 30" x 22", acrylic paint on French watercolor paper.


Currently on diisplay at the Watermark Art Center - Miikanan Gallery Grand Opening & Exhibit
(Dec 2 - Jan 31, 2018)

PRICE: $2995 + Fedex standard shipping within the USA only.

Layaways Are Available!


Our Great Teacher - Sedwa'gowa'ne

Great Teacher

I was deeply moved by the teachings of the haudenosaunee by the great teacher Handsome Lake Seneca, wolf clan. Fortunately the sacred revelations transmitted to and through him have been preserved and translated.

There are no photographs of this Teacher, though some exist of his other relations. I am painting this out of respect to his message, great trials he endured and acknowledgement of a message greatly impacting modern people.

This painting is not meant to exactly represent handsome Lake's likeness. It is an honoring piece in spirit.

PRICE: $2995, includes archival mat,
plexiglas and framing.

Image size: 30" x 22" approx. plus framing.



Nighttime & Daytime
Two New Mini Paintings framed with antique tramp-art frames!


Kisikaw (Cree) for Daytime

This painting celebrates the glory of a new day. How each sunrise presents its own thumb print across the land. Here we enjoy a gorgeous Swallowtail Butterfly making the rounds seeking nectar.

The center area is a scratched birch bark design reflecting the beauty of nature. Along the bottom are delightful blue birds and flowers, a beading design of my own doing.

This painting is 8 1/4" x 6 1/4" painted on Arches 300-lb watercolor paper with acrylic paints.The frame is the second of a matched set circa 1850 from Bavaria Germany. The two frames are a matched pair and I believe they are walnut. I've cleaned and sealed them carefully.

There is no glass or Plexiglas. The painting is then clear coated with a satin UV protective wash. Enjoy!

SOLD - To a collector from Madeline Island WI



Arrival of Wintermaker - kiwetin

With Autumn in full swing, I am turing my attention once more to storytelling and new inspirations.

This painting speaks of the arrival of Wintermaker among the night starry skies and
how Wintermaker was bound by his vow to allow the spring to return each year (The flowers at the bottom & baby loons
riding on the parent's back in the center)) The cycle of life with the 4-seasons of the Big Dipper constellation,
plus the birth and death of all living things (Regeneration),
the song of the loon reminding us of the space between the worlds. More to come!

PRICE: SOLD, to a collector in Minnesota

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Detail - Wintermaker

We Are One Bond

This collaborative piece was designed as one of twelve puzzle pieces adorned with traditional stories by both
North and South American Indigenous artists.

This work discusses many aspects of the interconnectedness of all life.  The "Home Fire' (society), The Stars (Sweat Lodge Elements), Tipi Poles (each has teaching on how to behave as a thinking human being), Rocks around the tipi bottom (A woman's skirt, modesty), the rope binding the tipi poles (We Hold Our Life Together) and the Lovely Plants that provide medicine and food for all.

Was included within the Evergreen Longhouse 20th Year Art Exhbit Celebration!

This painting is 24" x 26.5" x 2" painted on plywood board with acrylic paints.


Price: SOLD

Part of the Evergreen Longhouse, Olympia WA, 20th Year Art Exhbit Celebration in 2016!

Detail of "We Are One Bond"

Detail of One Bond


Turtle - Mihkinâhk

Image Size: 12 5/8" " x 9 7/8" "
Acrylic on French Watercolor Paper
Archivally matted & Framed

To a collector in Cody WY


Detail image shown to 100% actual size to illustrate fine detail work.

Questions? Contact me with inquiries!


Dragonfly - CohkanapisesDragonflyNew!


Dragonfly - Cohkanapises

Price: SOLD
To a collector in Duluth MN

One in a series of (4) paintings. Beautiful dragonflies are an essential participant in the balance of life in the woodlands. They are messengers, hunters and an expression of Creator's beauty.

This painting is 8.5" x 11" painted on French watercolor paper with acrylic paints.

It is archivally matted and framed with plexiglas.


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Keeper of Songs

Keeper of Songs

Keeper of Songs
I have always admired the beauty, intelligence and tenacity of wild birds. Their unique songs, diligence with caring for their offspring and lovely colors flying through the skies. Here Keeper of the Songs arrives in the spring to bless the new baby blue jays with their unique song. A blessing to be shared with the world.

SOLD - Private Collection Plymouth WI

Image size: 30" x 22" approx. plus framing.


Maskwacîs - Bear's Tipi (Devils Tower)
Bears Teepee

Bears Teepee

Mouse Over to Zoom In Zoom In Below

Bears Tipi AKA Devils Tower in Eastern Wyoming is sacred to many Tribes. I had been captivated by this site for many years and finally was able to paint its image.

The star formation behind the mountain is the Milky Way. The 4 male figures represent the four aspects of man: blue, yellow, white and red. The bead work was inspired by a very old sample of quill work from the 1600's. The bones are horse bones, illustrating the journey of life is circular.

Cheyenne Legend

Archival framing and matting with museum UV plexiglas available.

Size is approximately 30" x 22", acrylic paint on French watercolor paper.

Price: SOLD
Private Collection
Duluth MN

Prints & Greeting cards are available.


We Pull Together - Story of the Crab Pot
We Pull Together
Pull Togther Detail 1
Pull Together Detail 2
Pull Togther Detail 3

This rich and beautiful image took many months to complete. It was inspired by the the morality tale of the Crab Pot folly.

Archival framing and matting with museum UV plexiglas.

Size is approximately 30" x 22", acrylic paint on French watercolor paper.

Currently on exhibit at the 45th Parallel Exhibit in Hudson WI

SOLD to a collector in WA


We Hold the Future
We Hold the Future
We Hold the Future
We Hold the Future
We Hold the Future

A stunning acknowledgment to all humans, animals and creatures that we are responsible for the future of ourselves, society, and Turtle Island. Sitting out in life never works.

Archival framing and matting with museum UV plexiglas.

Size is approximately 30" x 22", acrylic paint on French watercolor paper.

PRICE: $2195+ Framed & Matted, FREE SHIPPING within the USA

Layaways Are Available!


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