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My beautiful wearing blankets and shawls are personally hand cut, designed, stitched and assembled by me.
NO OUTSOURCING on any of my fine craft pieces.
My textiles are not sewn or assembled in a foreign country or sweat shop.

Blanket & Shawl Designs are Original Designs and Can Be Customized.
Blankets & Shawls are made of 100% fine wool fabrics, silk, satin, and Ultrasuede.
Bone "Elk Teeth", Swarovski Crystals, and Other Ornaments.
Fringes are all hand-cut, knotted and trimmed.

Shawl pricing begins at $695 ($200 non-refundable deposit required)

Customer Requests Always Welcome!


"Chickadee Shawl" - Now lives near a lovely lake in Minneapolis MN
Chickadee Shawl Chickadee Shawl

"Mistamekwak" - Whales - Northern Cree

Killer Whale

This amazing wall medallion is inspired by the stunning Northwest Coastal style.  The piece is created from 100% wool Melton, relief's are Ultrasuede.  There are over 800 natural shell buttons within the design, all hand sewn.

Size: 42" x 36", design is original.  Killer whales used with permission.  - Private Collection


Wearing Blanket - We Hold the Future
Permanent Collection Tweed Museum, Duluth MN

We Hold the Future

This gorgeous blanket is 60" x 60" made of blanket weight wool melton. All decorative items are appliques of various materials.

The hands are outlined in #9 3-cut seed beads in ivory. Hawk bells and copper sequins complete the design.

Hold the Future
A Few Wonderful Custom Shawls: (Mouse Over to Zoom In)
A few Other Masterpieces:
Button Blanket Heaven Reflected Upon the Waters
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